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Early child marriage and education by Mehwish Abbasi

My report on early child marriage and education

#InternationalWebsite #NewsReport Early child marriage and education by Mehwish Abbasi


“Harassing students is the worst practice” by Mehwish Abbasi

My write up in Daily Awami Awaz on the harassment issue in University of Sindh(Jamshoro) titled as
Published on 30 Oct 2017
شاگردياڻين کي هيسائڻ بدترين عمل آهي
مهوش عباسي
عوامي آواز 30 آڪٽوبر 2017

Rani Kot a mysterious but longest fort of world 

#RanikotFort (Sindhi: رني ڪوٽ‎) is a historical fort near Sann, Jamshoro District, #Sindh, Pakistan. Ranikot Fort is also known as The Great Wall of Sindh and is believed to be the world’s largest fort with a circumference of approximately 26 kilometres (16 mi). Since 1993, it has been on the tentative list of @UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The original purpose and architects of Ranikot Fort are unknown. Some archaeologists attribute it to Arabs, or possibly built by a Persian noble under the Abbasids by Imran Bin Musa Barmaki who was the Governor of Sindh in 836. Others have suggested a much earlier period of construction attributing to at times the Sassanians Persians and at times to the Greeks. Despite the fact that a prehistoric site owf Amri is nearby, there is no trace of any old city inside the fort and the present structure has little evidence of prehistoric origins. #MehwishAbbasi

عورت جي زندگي ايتري سستي آهي؟

عورت هميشه کان قرباني جي نشاني رهي آهي ڪڌين رسمن پويان ڪڎهن ڪاري ٿي آهي ڪڎهن سڱ چٽي ۾ ڎني وئي آهي ته ڪڎهن وري تانيا خاصخيلي جيان زنده ڪسجي آهي يا وري سندس معصوم چهري کي تيزاب سا ساڙيو ويو آهي نه ته وري کيس گولين جو کاڄ بڻايو ويوآهي.

ان سموري صورتحا ل ۾ مذهب يا سنڌيت جو ڎوه ناهي ان سڀ جي ڎوهاري سالن کان هلندڙ تنگ سوچ آهي جنهن مطابق عورت ڪمزورآهي ڪيس مرد برابر حق حاصل ناهن هو پنهنجا فيصلا پاڻ نه ٿي ڪري سگهي.

در حقتقت عورت قدرت جو شاهڪارآھي ۽ عورت جو وجود پاڻمرادو هڪ طاقت آهي.

اڄ تانيا خاصخيلي جي ڪسجڻ تي سڄي سنڌ سراپااحتجاج ته آهي پر ڇا ڪو پاڻ کي يا پنهنجي ڳوٺ جي اهڙي ماحول کي سڌارڻ لاء اڳتي ٿيو آهي؟ ياد رکو ته تانيا کي قتل ڪرڻ وارا ڪنهن ٻي دنيا جا نه پر اسان مان ئي هئا اڄ سڀ قانون جوڙڻ ۽ لاڳو ڪرڻ جون ڳالهيون پيا ڪن ڇا موجوده قانونن تي اسان پاڻ عمل ڪيو ۽ ڪرڻ ڎنو آهي؟ غيرت جي نالي تي جرڳااسان پاڻ نه ڪرايا آهن؟ معاشرو فردن مان ٺهي ٿو ۽ اهي فرد اسين پاڻ آهيون پو اسين نياڻين کي اجرڪ اوڍايون يا سندن ڇاتي کي ڳولين جو کاڄ بڻايون.

خدارا ٻين تي آڱريون کڻڻ کان اڳ پاڻ کي ۽ پنهنجي چوڌاري ماحول کي سڌاريو، اهڙي ڪنهن تانيا جي ڪسجڻ کان اڳ ان لاء آواز کڻو ۽ عورتن کي قرباني بدران قدرت جي رحمت سمجهو. وقت ۽ حالات تڎهن بهتر ٿيندا جڎهن هر ڪو نام نهاد احتجاجن ۽ تقريرن بجاء پنهنجو پاڻ کان بهتري آڻڻ جي شروعت ڪندو.

(مهوش عباسي)

Thar (desert of Sindh) turned into wonderful place for tourism after this monsoon: Mehwish Abbasi

#Tharparkar is said to be the only fertile desert in the world. Tharparkar is a desert but after monsoon rains it turns into a Thousand of square miles meadows with greenery all around.#Karoonjhar #Mountain range is one of the major tourist spot of Thar. After rains it turns green and many water streams flow through it making some good #waterfalls. . Very few people are aware of such beauty of Tharparkar. 

Let’s promote tourism in #Thar #Sindh 

#tharparkar #pakistan #Desert #GreenDesert #MehwishAbbasi 

Fishing a struggle for fishermen of Sindh Pakistan with lack of basic life facilities by Mehwish Abbasi 

A fisherman struggles to catch fish to bread his children near #Jamshoro #SindhLife of fishermen is full Qof struggles and challenges in #Sindh they don’t have basic facilities of health and pure water even their children suffer from lack of education, no doubt they are rich in skills government must pay attention to them and provide them basic needs of life they will surely play a great role in economics of #Pakistan 

Photos and lines by Mehwish Abbasi

Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan 19 July 2017

  ٻالڪپڻ مهوش عباسي 

اڄ وري واپس پنهنجي ان دور ۾ موٽائي وئي آهيان جڏهن دنيا جي جنهنجهٽن کان آزاد پنهنجي دنيا جا مزا ماڻيندا هئاسين۔مونکي ياد آهي ته جڎهن اسڪول جو گهنڊ وڄندو هو ۽ استاد موڪل ڪندو هو اسان سڀ ڀرواري ميدان تي راند کيڏڻ ويندا هئاسون۔

مونکي ياد آهي ته ان دوران برف جا ٺهيل رنگين ڳنڍا ڪيترو شوق سان کائيندا هئاسين۔ مونکي ياد آ ته انهن ڏينهن ۾ ڪيڏو خوش هوندا هئاسين۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔


#Sindh #Pakistan still suffering from poverty, illiteracy and professional begging.(By Mehwish Abbasi)

Pakistan is one of the richest countries in Asia but the people of Pakistan are suffering from poverty. The main cause of poverty is that they are not getting their basic rights. Most of the poor people are begging in the streets of different cities of Pakistan. If their rights were given they would not beg.However, nowadays some people have adopted begging as profession/ business. Rich/influential people post beggars at different points in different areas. Mostly the beggars are children and women so that we take pity on them as per human nature. These beggars work for their lords in lieu of salary. I request/suggest the government to take a serious action and stop this business (professional begging) on the one hand, and on the other, some worthwhile steps must be taken for the rehabilitation of genuine beggars.

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