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Water the most commercial product of century by Mehwish Abbasi 

#Water has become the most commercial products of the century. This may sound bizarre, but true. In fact, what water is to the 21st century, oil was to the 20th century.To get bucket of drinking water is a struggle for most women/girls in #Sindh #Pakistan.

In many rural areas, women/girls still have to walk a distance of about 2.5 kms to reach the source of water. They reach home carrying heavy pots, not to rest but to do other household chores of cooking, washing, cleaning, caring of children and looking after livestock. Again in the evening she has to fetch water. Thus a rural woman’s life is sheer drudgery.

Photo and lines by Mehwish Abbasi

Credibility of Sindhi channels and media by Mehwish Abbasi

Our #Sindhi channels have lost their credibility, I always feel ashamed and disappointed watching Sindhi channels whose priority is not Sindhi culture and rituals who have forgotten the real identification of #Sindh and Sindhis.Since last few days host of Sindhi Tv channel #KTN #AamirShah is under debate of speaking Urdu during his show #Hojamalo.

In case of Aamir Shah firstly the channel is Sindhi so the transmission must be based on Sindhi language (apart of any special transmission), secondly Aamir Shah’s Sindhi language is also not pure Sindhi, thirdly I have also noticed that Aamir has craze of speaking Urdu with audience even he also speaks Urdu with Sindhi audiences, fourthly Aamir mostly select Urdu songs to sing during his show.

Another thing other Urdu Tv channels hosts never speak Sindhi during their shows neither they play Sindhi songs nor they have any Sindhi speaking guest etc.

Our Sindhi channels must give priority to Sindhi culture and Sindhi language boycott Aamir shah and boycott such other hosts and transmissions.

We respect our national languages but if the channel is representing Sindhi culture and language then they must give priority to that.

I request all Sindhi channels and their honors to play Sindhi culture based dramas and songs kindly don’t ruin our culture by showing wrong image of Sindhis and Sindh we have good stories to play on channels we have good characters to show world and we have good examples.

P.S Wrote this post in English to convey my message globally.

افسوس آهي ته اڃان تائين اسانجي ماڻهن کي سوشل ميڊيا جو درست استعمال ڪرڻ ناهي آيو. خيالن جي آزادي ۽ ڇڙواڳي ۾ People ans use of Social media by Mehwish Abbasi زمين آسمان جو فرق آهي مهوش عباسي جو ويچار

Beautiful weather hyderabad 

The beautiful cloudy weather strikes in #Jamshoro and #Hyderabad.  A sigh of relief for Muslims in Holly month of #Ramadan 

Photos and lines by #MehwishAbbasi at Qasim Chowk Hyderabad 6th of June 2017

#FruitBoycott #Hyderabad #Sindh #Pakistan 

The aged and poor #fruit seller of #Hyderabad waits for his customers as the city observes social media Boycott of #FruitBoycott.  Government and authorities must think about it and supply relief to poor sellers and consumers as well.  I support fruit Boycott but I am also worried about poor sellers who’s kitchen runs on daily earnings.  Government of #Pakistan must take an initiative. 

#Photo and lines by #MehwishAbbasi Hyderabad 2nd June 2017

#Sindh #Loadshedding #Kelectric #Karachi #crisis #Pakistan #nuclearpower country with lack of facilities. 

Sindh Balouchistan love hate war and Pakistan state write up by Mehwish Abbasi 

​سنڌين ۽ بلوچن جي وچ ۾ نفرت پکيڙڻ جون سازشون ڪيون پيون وڃن، سماجي اڳواڻن اديبن ليکڪن ۽ ملڪ ۽ امن دوست سياسي اڳواڻن کي گهرجي ته ان سموري صورتحال کي سنڌين ۽ بلوچن جو جهيڙو سمجهڻ بدران امن خلاف ٿيندڙ سازش سمجهن ۽ مفادن خاطر نفرتون ڦهلائڻ بدران سنڌين ۽ بلوچن جي وچ ۾ ڀائيچارو قائم ڪن.

ڇو ته تاريخ گواه آهي سنڌين هميشه بلوچن کي پنهنجو ڀاء سمجهيو آهي ۽ بلوچن پنهنجي آزادي جي جنگ ۾ ڪڏهن به غلط رستو اختيار ناهي ڪيو. سنڌي مزورن جا قتل ۽ اسلام آباد يونيورسٽي ۾ ٿيل جهيڙي سبب سوشل ميڊيا تي بلوچن سان نفرت جو اظهار ڪرڻ بدران ان سموري معاملي جي پويان لڪيل حقيقتن کي سمجهڻ گهرجي ڪٿي ايئن نه ٿئي جو دشمن اسان ٻنهي قومن کي هڪٻئي خلاف ڪرڻ ۾ ڪامياب وڃن ۽ سڀاڻي اسين پاڻ ۾ ئي جنگ ڪري فنا ٿي وڃون.

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