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Forty percent of the world’s insect species are in danger

If you dislike insects, we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that 40 percent of the world’s insect species are in danger of extinction. The bad news is that cockroaches and black flies won’t be affected.
The bitter joke aside, whether we like insects or not, they fill up a large portion of the food chain, and they’re too many: the number of insects per person on the planet is 1.4 billion! In addition to being an important food source for birds, bats, and mammals (including humans), they are responsible for the pollination of three-quarters of agricultural products on our tables. They are experts of recycling wastes and keep the pest populations under control. To summarize: if we lose the insects, this will result in major changes in our lives.

According to the research, human beings are responsible for this, and the reasons are listed as follows:
1. Destruction of natural habitats because of intense agricultural practices and urbanization
2. Pollution caused by agricultural chemicals (insecticides and herbicides, fertilizers, etc.)
3. Diseases and invasion by exotic species
4. Climate change


Feudalism in #Sindh & brutal murder of innocent #RamshaWassan by Mehwish Abbasi

Read my #Article published in Editorial of Daily Awami Awaz 4th of Feb 2019
Titled as: Feudalism in #Sindh & brutal murder of innocent #RamshaWassan
وڏيرڪو نظام ۽ رمشا وساڻ جو ناحق قتل
مهوش عباسي
عوامي آواز 4 فيبروري 2019

Youth & Unemployment in Sindh (Crisis and Issues) By Mehwish Abbasi

Read my article & share your views: focusing on “Youth & Unemployment in #Sindh
Published in Daily Awami Awaz – عوامي آواز Jan 9th 2019 youth

Issues of Lady Health Workers in #Sindh #Pakistan & dream of Benazir Bhutto #PPP: A feature Story by Mehwish Abbasi

My Feature story title as “Dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto & Issues of Lady health workers” published in Magazine Daily Awami Awaz 23 Dec 2018Page-04

PPP chairman Bilawal’s Promises and dangerous drought situation in Thar (desert of Sindh)

My feature story about the Promises of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari during election campaign to the people of #Tharparkar #Nangarparkar #Sindhand current health issues & water scarcity in #Thar
Published in Magazine Awami Awaz 18th of Nov 2018

Page-02Link of the story

Current Primary #Education System, Schools & facilities of #Sindh’s major Districts #Badin & #Tharparkar. By: Mehwish Abbasi

My article about the current Primary #Education System, Schools & facilities of #Sindh‘s major Districts #Badin & #Tharparkar
Published in: Daily Awami Awaz
Dated: 31st Oct 2018

badin thar ed

“Women Harassment and Women Protection Cell WPC – Sindh” by Mehwish Abbasi

For easy reading women

Increase in The Scientific Research of Sindh & NCEAC By #MehwishAbbasi

A Must read about University of Sindh (Jamshoro)’s institute National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry #NCEAC Success stories of NCEAC published in Daily Awami Awaz’s Sunday Magazine 7th of October 2018

Write-up by Mehwish Abbasi published in Daily Awami Awaz 28th of July 2018 titled as “Election 2018, politics of Imran Khan and issues of #Sindh”

The write-up focuses on current election, politics of Imran Khan and voters of #Sindh who voted #PPPP and gave them another chance.

اليڪشن 2018، عمران خان جي سياست ۽ سنڌ جو حال
مهوس عباسي عوامي آواز 28 جولاءِ 2018For easy Readingelection

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